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Ramadan - The Month of Change

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Ramadan - The Month of Change

Ramdan - The Month of Change

The last time we started a marketing talk with a title like this, our audience thought we had prepared the wrong topic. So no, we are on track! We are referring to something that matters to marketers - a change in consumption of media.

Ramadan 2016 is an astounding 15 hours long in UAE. What do people do during these hours besides working, praying and sleeping? And in the hours after Iftar? TV viewing has risen – ad spends have gone up. Consumers are shopping more – there are more offers than otherwise. There’s a marked increase in socializing. This has been the case every Ramadan.

There are some really interesting is the usage of digital media during this time too. A whopping 83% of internet users go online via their smartphones. Searches, videos, online shopping and social media all see a significant spike. The trends work as precedents while planning future campaigns. There are usage patterns that predict how and when to engage.

Consider the trending topics - shopping in preparation for Eid, recipes for Iftar, spirituality and social media conversations, these are right on top every year for the last few years. Google’s own data shows a sharp rise in searches on the trending topics during Ramadan. YouTube too experiences amplified viewing on the same topics.

The use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat skyrockets during this time. Though youngsters are moving to Snapchat and Instagram is growing rapidly too, Facebook and Twitter continue to be in the lead. There’s even a cool new emoticon introduced especially for #Ramadan!

People appear to spend time on Facebook around and after Iftar and all the trending topics are once again patronized. Twitter on the other hand, seems to have two active slots, one during the after-office fasting hours and the other, around Iftar. While social media, in general, can attract a lot of negative sentiments, this month brings out a lot more positivity and acceptance.

Brands with limited budgets can still hope for a serious impact. Here’s the window of marketing opportunity. Digital advertising and social media have the potential to take you where no brand has gone before.


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