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Awoken by a bolt from the blue

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Awoken by a bolt from the blue

Little did I anticipate what was coming as I had an exciting discussion on social media with my not-so-digitally-savvy client. Exciting for me anyway, that is. Until the client stunned me with “Never mind social media. We’ll cover it all in a website.”

As marketing professionals, we get so absorbed in the opportunities new media presents that we forget how intimidating it can be, for those who are yet to be initiated. Revisiting the basics becomes inevitable.

Back to the basics then… A website is almost like a brochure with a post-paid instant-dispatch response coupon. It can educate, inform, soft sell, hard sell and even accept enquiries and all this, interestingly too – but, one on one. It is important and unavoidable.

An ill-planned run-of-the-mill social media page can be all of this. But that’s not what it ought to be. It should be like a social gathering, where guests and hosts are talking to each other - some frank talk, some light-hearted stuff, some getting-to-know-each-other moments. Where appreciation is welcome and criticism is expected. It’s an occasion to get recognized and recommended to new people. And a chance to win people over through interaction.

If you do not hold a social gathering, people will still talk about you. Only, you may not get the opportunity to woo them on to your side. Would you rather have people talk behind your back than to your face?



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