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Green Advertising! The colour, you mean?

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Green Advertising! The colour, you mean?

It’s not unusual for clients to think we are simply riding the wave when we talk of an environment friendly approach. Can advertising be free of paper, PVC, flex, chemical in printing inks? How green is any of that? That’s like asking how natural the All Natural Cheese Crispies are!

Communication can’t do without brochures, indoor branding, outdoor branding, wall branding, flags, billboards and on goes that list. Yet, we too care for the tomorrow we’ll leave behind. Wherever possible, we recommend a shift to digital for our clients. But it can’t all be digital. So we attempt to help our clients make better choices. Like recycled paper, like water-based inks, like canvas instead of PVC. We choose to work with technology that consumes less energy, causes less wastage and releases fewer toxins.

In short, no, we are not talking colour. Let us add to your green initiatives. Call us!


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